One only needs to look down the hair care aisle at any department store to recognize the importance of hair and hair care to women.  To that end, we know that thinning hair and hair loss is a distressing experience.  The cause of hair loss in both men and women remains unknown, though there have been many reasonable hypotheses made, such as hormonal fluctuations and stress.  It can be spontaneous or gradual, temporary or permanent.  Thankfully, scalp micropigmentation has made it possible for women to move through a hair loss experience in style.

As it is less likely that a woman will shave her head, we offer scalp density treatments using the same approach as for men, but with a more concentrated final appearance.  We aim to tattoo a tight matrix of hair follicles in the localized areas of hair loss so that the existing hair blends perfectly, making the treatment a “backdrop”.  The scalp skin is no longer visible, and our lady clients are free to continue styling their hair as they like. 


Treatments are typically completed in 3 or more sessions, depending on the size of the area.   However, should a client experience more widespread hair loss, such as from alopecia, our full scalp micropigmentation treatments are for everyone—male or female, with many lady celebrities and models rocking close cropped hairstyles that look outstanding!  One follicle at a time, our work is to help women address hair loss affordably and non-invasively.

Browse through our gallery of work.  We know you will be convinced that SMP is the single, most practical, low maintenance solution to your thinning hair!


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