Over many centuries hair loss remedies have been developed.  Researchers have yet to discover a cure.  It is much more common for men to experience hair loss than it is for women, though many men may not notice it until mid to later life.  Other men might begin to see more hair in their combs than usual as early as their teens and twenties.  To date nearly all hair loss solutions, be they cover ups, surgical or treatments aimed at regrowing hair, have either been costly, required a great deal of maintenance, or been very invasive, such as in the case of hair transplantation.

Scalp micropigmentation marries the incredibly versatile art of tattoo with a deep understanding and knowledge of the complex structure of scalp skin.  Rather than claim to restore your hair, we offer a treatment that gives the illusion of a shaved scalp…a fashionable hair style trend which has been made popular by hundreds of high-profile personalities.  Accomplished over the course of 3 to 5 sessions, our artists meticulously create hundreds, even thousands, depending on the area of treatment, of hyper realistic hair follicles using varying complementary hues of all-natural pigment. 


Whether you are experiencing a receding hairline, patchy hair loss, thinning hair at the crown, or more generalized baldness, we develop a treatment protocol unique to you.  Every single individual tattooed follicle is created to look exactly as it would if it were real.  When created gradually, with treatment healing fully between sessions, the final look is so remarkably deceiving, no one will know.

Thousands of men worldwide are investing in SMP after seeing the results it yields.  We restore confidence and turn around your experience with hair loss.  Check out our gallery to see our work, and the smiles that accompany it.


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