Alopecia refers to the total loss of hair either on the scalp or on the entire body.  Alopecia Totalis clients will lose most or all the hair on their head, while maintaining eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as body hair.  Alopecia Universalis clients tend to lose all hair.  While the cause remains unknown, most other solutions are inadvisable due to the changes in the skin that accompany these conditions.  Furthermore, alopecia can often reverse.  Applying scalp micropigmentation on an alopecia client’s scalp is a treatment that should only be trusted to highly trained and skilled technicians.  This work is not simply tattooing follicles.  A comprehensive understanding of the complex structure of the scalp skin—skin that is different from any other skin on the body, is essential for a successful treatment. 


The SMP protocol for alopecia clients is the same as it is for other forms of hair loss; however, the treatment plan will be designed to respect the health and integrity of the scalp skin and follicles.  With the skin being more delicate, the artist’s job is to work methodically and precisely so that the finished look is exactly on point, with every single tattooed hair follicle looking exactly as it ought to.  Most do not know that only scalp hair follicles can produce up to 3 hairs from a single hair shaft—so our work is to replicate them exactly, to look as though they are very short or freshly shaved.  Results are outstanding, expectations are realistic, treatments are affordable and best of all, there is little to no maintenance other than caring simply for the treated skin to prolong results.


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